Timestamp precision change

We are changing the timestamp precision we return in our API responses. We’ll continue to use the ISO 8601 standard but instead of 3 digits of precision, we’ll be using 6 digits of millisecond precision.

Here is what the change will look like:
Before: '2018-02-25T10:26:45.075-08:00'
Now: '2018-02-25T10:26:45.075312-08:00'

This will allow you to use a query like “?updated_at[gt]=” and no longer receive that same record in the response. Previously the record would be returned since it’s actual timestamp in our database with 6 digits of precision was strictly greater than the 3-digit precision specified in the request.

This change will be taking place Thursday, November 30.

Warning: If you are not using a standard ISO 8601 parser then this may be a breaking change.