New Partner Process

We pride ourselves on being efficient to work with from both a business, and technical perspective. As such, if we decide to move forward with a partnership, our engineering team will provide full technical support during and after the integration process to ensure smooth delivery of a solution to our mutual clients.

The following is designed to ensure a smooth process from inception through full go-live.

  1. Getting Started Form
  • Fill out out our getting started form to give us basic information about your company and your application
  1. Initial Scoping call
  • Scheduled once the getting started form has been completed
  • Agenda:
  1. Sandbox
  • Once your application has been approved, we will email your technical/product lead all the info you need to get developing, including a test practice account, API keys, etc
  • Provide our team with a sandbox for testing
  1. Integration/Product Design Follow Up
  • Scheduled, if needed, to delve deeper into the design of the integration
  1. Building
  • Any technical questions should be directed to [email protected]
  • Please reach out to us when you are ready to start beta testing in production
  1. Internal Testing & Help Documentation
  • Hint team will need access to a staging account or have a demo run for us before beta testing can begin
  • We will need see every aspect of the integration including turning it on
  • Helped documentation will begin to be built based on this testing
  1. Beta Release & Marketing Planning
  • Integration will be moved into production if everything is working smoothly
  • If we have mutual clients who are interested in testing the integration, we will start by just making it live for them
  • If we do not have mutual clients, we will work to find interested parties and define a timeline for beta testing
  • Our marketing teams will work together to come up with a joint marketing initiative
  • If during this stage, large edits need to be made we will need to redo steps 6 & 7
  1. Second Internal Testing
  • Before the integration is made live for all, the Hint team will need to do another round of testing
  1. Full Release & Announcement
  • If the second round of testing goes well we will make the integration live for all and promote the partner within our app, and
  • Launch the partnership on our Hint Partners website, and
  • Co-launch our joint marketing initiative