Rate Limits

The following are the default rate and concurrency limits enforced on Hint's APIs. It is important to treat these limits as maximum thresholds to avoid putting unnecessary load on the API.

  • 20 requests / second
  • 500k requests / day

Please note that Hint reserves the right to modify these rate limits without prior notice, based on performance, usage, or to prevent abuse. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you of any changes to the rate limits affecting your connection.

If you have questions, or would like to request changes to your rate limits please reach out to [email protected].

Common causes

Running a large volume of closely-spaced requests can lead to rate limiting. This is often the case during data extraction for analytics or migration workflows. If you do need to run bulk requests do them during off hours on night and weekends, and be sure to utilize throttling and retry logic in you workflows.

A sudden increase in the volume of requests may also trigger rate limiting. If you know there will be a significant increase please reach out and let us know ahead of time by email [email protected]

Handling limiting

A basic technique for integrations to is to watch for 429 status codes and build in a retry mechanism. The retry mechanism should follow an exponential backoff schedule to reduce request volume when necessary. We’d also recommend building some randomness into the backoff schedule to avoid a thundering herd effect.