API Overview

Hint's API is RESTful, and returns JSON. It fully powers our front-end apps, which means we're hitting the same endpoints that you will be.

There are two types of resources you can access through the Hint API.

The Provider Resources

The Provider resources are everything under the '/provider' namespace. This is how you'll access and modify all the data related to a single practice who has enabled your integration.

To use the Provider endpoint you'll need to authenticate using a different access_token for each practice as the API key.

The Partner Resources

The Partner resources allow to configure how your integration is displayed to our users, as well as how we should communicate data changes to you. The most common usage is for webhooks. Please read our guide to learn more.

The official list of Partner resources are listed in the Partner section of the API Reference.

To use the Partner resources you'll need to authenticate with your Partner API key.