Failed responses

Intermittant failures

You'll receive a daily email if we identified any failed requests, along with a list of ID's of the most recent failures.

Consistent failure

If an endpoint fails to return a 200-299 response code for all of the last 100 Webhook attempts, we'll mark the endpoint as "failing" and mute additional requests to that endpoint for an hour.

You'll also receive an email to the technical support email address on file when this happens.

After an hour, if the next Webhook that gets sent to the endpoint is successful then the endpoint will automatically be re-enabled. If that Webhook fails, the endpoint will be muted for another hour (and no additional email will be sent). If the endpoint does not recover after some time, our staff will likely reach out to resolve the situation.

When the endpoint recovers, the muted and failed requests will not be automatically re-attempted, as this could result in a large number of out-of-date Webhooks. If you would like to have these webhooks reattempted, please reach out to our partner support.