Phone Types

Phone types in Hint are case insensitive and we will automatically lowercase any given type before storing and returning in our response, this means that as a partner you might get a different type than the one you sent to hint. For example:

"home" => "home"
"HOME"=> "home"
"homE" => "home"
"Home Phone" => "home"
"JohN" => "john"
"SomethingElse" => "somethingelse"
"Call at Night" => "call at night"

Additionally we map some types to a canonical type, here is the fill list of mappings:

"h", "home phone" => "home".
"m", "mobile phone", "cell", "cellphone", "cell phone", "cellular" => "mobile"
"w", "work phone", "business", "business phone", "company", "company phone" => "office"